Carpet Cleaning Miami Lakes

Professional carpet cleaning services in Miami Lakes call Top Steamer 305.631.5757 honest and reliable carpet cleaning company.

Visit our website for more information www.topsteamer.com we have more than 10 years of experience.

Recliner Chair Cleaning in Miami 305-631-5757 Couch Cleaning.

Chair Cleaning in Miami

Got a call from a customer that needed her upholstery clean where she accidentally had spilled, drinks, coffee, water through the years and she wasn’t able to remove the stains.

After treating the stains and applying a special formulated upholstery cleaning pre spray on the chairs you can see the outcome of the chair after cleaning in picture above.

Upholstery Cleaning Miami

This picture above was shot during the cleaning process, you can clearly see the difference and how we were able to remove all dirt on fabric.

If you need to get your upholstery professionally clean give us a call right away to schedule your couch cleaning appointment 305-631-5757 for more information visit our website www.topsteamer.com/upholstery-cleaning-miami

We also provide upholstery cleaning services for commercial locations. We cover all Miami Dade County areas.


Carpet Cleaning Brickell


Call Top Steamer 305-631-5757 www.topsteamer.com professional carpet cleaning services.

May Carpet, Upholstery, Rug Cleaning Specials!.
May carpet and upholstery cleaning specials are here! Check out all the specials we have for May. Need your carpet clean in your home or apartment? We have a special for you visit our website to see all the specials www.topsteamer.com/coupons

Carpet Cleaning Coupons in Miami

Need your couched or rug clean? we our specials today and save money on your next cleaning project don’t miss out these great deals for this special month of May.
Happy Mother’s Day!!


Ten Benefits Of Carpet

Ten Benefits Of Carpet Compare To Hard Floors.

Ten Benefits Of Carpet Compare To Hard Floors

Many people have carpets on their home or business some like them some don’t, here is 10 things about carpet you did not know and how it compares against hard floors;


Carpet can be finishing decoration touch in your home or business, you can choose from different colors, patterns and pile heights.


There are hundreds of carpet patterns, cuts, and colors which gives you literally endless of possibilities to fulfill the style you want for your home or business.


Carpet works is an insulator for your floors and it can help you save energy as is an important contributor to the insulation of the indoor environment in your home or business it also provides a psychological feeling of warmth.


Carpet is softer and is easier on the feet than hard floors. It also gives an overall softer feel to your home.


Carpet can help absorb sound and with the proper cushioning can help enhance this ability, several studies have found that carpet is good for absorbing sound. Most high rise apartment buildings have carpet to absorb sound.


Slip and fall accidents occur more frequently on hard surface floors than or carpeted floors.

Cost Savings

Carpet cost less compare to hard floors and is easier to clean and maintain over time and it cost less to replace.


Carpet works as a filter in your home, carpet traps dust, allergens and many other contaminants holding them until properly remove with vacuuming and professional cleaning of the carpet is performed.

Easier to maintain

Definitely carpet is less labor intensive to maintain clean than hard floors and it can cost less to maintain clean over time.


Now that we have more environmental consciousness new technology have been introduced that allows carpet to be recycled into new carpet or any other products.

If you need your carpet, upholstery, rugs, mattress or tile and grout clean call Top Steamer today 305-631-5757 or visit our website for more information about our cleaning services www.topsteamer.com


Mattress Cleaning Fort Lauderdale

Providing mattress cleaning services in Fort Lauderdale 305-631-5757 call us to schedule your appointment or visit our website for more information www.topsteamer.com

September Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Specials.

Carpet Cleaning MIami

 September carpet and upholstery cleaning specials are here, like every month we have posted this month carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning, rug cleaning specials in our website.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Miami 305-631-5757


5 Tips To Extend Carpet Life In Your Facility

Maintaining the carpet clean in your office or commercial building
facility is not an easy task spec
ially when there is a lot of traffic
coming in and out your your facility.

Creating a maintenance plan is crucial to extend the life of the
carpet, cleanliness and to maintain
a healthier workplace for employees.

Entryway Matting

placing entryway matting helps reduce bringing dirt into the facility
from outside. Bigger matting are better to sufficiently wipe off dirt
from shoes before entering the carpet areas in your facility.

Clean Spots And Spills Immediately

Act quickly when accidental spills happens from drinks or food,
removing spots and spills will reduce the chances of getting permanent
stains on the carpet from spills.

It is best to utilize a carpet cleaning solution that has been certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute which will remove the spot safely with out causing any discoloration of the carpet fibers.

For tips on removing specific stains or spots from carpet visit the Carpet and Rug Institute Spot Solver.

Vacuum Daily

Daily vacuuming of your carpet specially the high traffic areas is
the most effective way of keeping your carpet clean. Having a vacuuming
schedule can help remove up to 95% of dry soil particles from the carpet

The easiest way of cleaning your carpet is frequent vacuuming.
Regular vacuuming removes sand, dry soil and dirt from carpet that can
damage the carpet fibers and in high traffic areas can cause traffic
patters that makes carpet look worn.

Periodic Deep Cleaning

It is recommended to deep clean the carpet periodically on a
semi-annual basis to remove embedded dirt and to restore carpet to its
original condition. Deep cleaning also helps extend the life of carpet
in your facility.

Daily vacuuming and semi-annual deep cleaning helps
carpet maintain its performance
and original appearance.

Interim Maintenance

 Interim maintenance cleaning should be done between deep cleanings.
Interim maintenance carpet cleaning removes soils and some spots from
carpet and helps maintain carpet appearance.

Following all these steps listed here will help you keep a longer lasting cleaner and healthier carpet in your facility.

August Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Specials.

We have posted in our website this month specials for carpet, upholstery, rug, mattress, tile and grout cleaning. We have great money saving specials for your cleaning project.

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Call us to schedule a FREE estimate or to set up your appointment today 305-631-5757.

Top Steamer is your local carpet and upholstery cleaning company located in Miami.

Carpet Cleaning Miami

Carpet Cleaning Miami


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